Kingsfly offers recruitment services for all companies operating in Nigeria and abroad. We are specialists in recruitment both- single employees and whole teams of specialists of various professions committed to execute more complicated projects.

Kingsfly delivers full range of HR consultancy services, including:

  • Personal consultancy and special help in recruiting and searching the rights candidates.
  • Professional recruitment process: We do face to face interview including professional assessment and testing with all selected candidates. The client receives summary with personal profile from each interview.
  • Psychological, language, skill and IT tests are available on request.
  • We also check candidate’s references for your information.
  • Guarantee of our service

International recruitment services

  • Kingsfly offers recruitment services of foreign workers for the companies operating in Nigeria. Recruitment service consists of searching for proper candidates abroad, whose competences correspond to the candidate’s profile and job description submitted to us by the Client.
  • Kingsfly currently recruits for clients in almost every industry, including; IT, construction, automotive, aviation, teaching, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, plumbing, carpentry, security and many more.. Apart from the aforementioned sectors, we can provide qualified foreign employees for other industries.
  • We specialize in both recruitment of single employees and teams of employees of a specific profession. In order to implement more complex undertakings, we also recruit groups of employees of various specializations.
  • At Client’s request – apart from interviews, verification of documents submitted by candidates and checking the level of foreign languages knowledge – it is possible to carry out practical verification of candidates’ skills before undertaking work abroad.


We take a practical approach to recruitment, ensuring that we get you the best candidate, every time. Nevertheless, we offer a three month free replacement warranty on all paid permanent placements. Kingsfly guarantee that in the event that the employed candidate resigns or if the employee is terminated within 90 days from the date of hire (other than as a result of layoff, reduction in workforce, change in corporate ownership, or breach of employment agreement, conditions, change in location or job content), then Kingsfly will provide a replacement candidate at no additional charge within 21 days.


This supports companies searching for and selecting employees.


Valuable employees

Thanks to our experts, your company will quickly find the right employees as we will supply the right people for the right jobs anywhere.

 Saving time

Instead of organizing time-consuming recruiting process, you work towards achieving your strategic objectives.

Cost reduction

Cooperating with us will allow you to reduce employment cost.

 Immediate response

We always react quickly and efficiently to our customer’s needs.

 Safety and reliance

We hold relevant certificates and provide warranty services.


We attach great importance to understanding the customer’s business and long-term cooperation.

 High quality

High quality of provided services and customer satisfaction is a priority to us.


We will supply employees to your company for any agreed time. We will take over employer’s obligations according to the Labour Code.



You reduce labour costs by even 30%.

Relieving your company

Kingsfly will take care of financial settlements with employees.

Rapid execution

Your company will immediately receive the right employees.


Personnel outsourcing means hiring professional staff to fulfill given tasks and projects. We will take over the employer’s obligations according to the Labour Code.


Effective recruitment

Your company will easily and efficiently gain new workforce according to current demand.

Cost reduction

With personnel outsourcing, you no longer need to worry about costs whenever your employee takes a vacation or a leave of absence. You don’t cover the recruitment costs as well. You only pay for the services that you need the staff to provide.

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