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KINGSFLY EDU CONSULT needs Investors & partners for investment on the bellow Industries

  •         Table Salt INDUSTRY
  •         SOYA milk powder plant INDUSTRY
  •         Soybean oil & coconut oil INDUSTRY
  •         Ice cream     INDUSTRY
  •         Tomato paste INDUSTRY
  •         Estate Builders INDUSTRY
  •         Concrete Block Industry INDUSTRY
  •         Agricultural VILLAGE FARM
  •         Micro Finance Bank
  •         Telecommunication

These are lucrative business in Ghana & Nigeria while investors are needed

 We welcome all interested Investors, copy of investments visibility study will be provide to interested investors base on request


  Salt Project summary

Table salt is lucrative business in Nigeria, with the population of the country over 200million in population and over 20million in Ghana.

This industry will also contribute to the economics of the countries and empower many people.

The salt industry can be located in Bedagry Lagos State and Temma.Volta,Cape Coas in Ghana depends on the choice of the investor

Production machinery will be purchase from Indian, China and Turkey details will be given upon request by the investor.

Classification of salt

Source, sea salt, lake salt and Mining salt

Method of production, solar, crushing/washing salt, vacuum salt

Usage, Edible salt, Medical salt, Chemical and industry salt. Beside there are more new types of salt with new functions developed and sold in market along with the development of technique progress, like Beauty salt, Bath salt, and so on, which with high add-value and bright foreground.

Usage of salt

Food, Medical industry, cosmetic and health industry ,industrial,[1] Chemical industry[2]Dyeing industry [3] Metallurgical industry [4]Building industry [5]Engineering industry [6]oil industry [7]Defense and high-tech industry [8]Farming industry

Profit analysis of salt production project

Salt production project is with characteristics of low cost, easy operation, large output, high benefit and wide market.

Machinery will cost about $759,000,000 including packing machines

Land and Factory building will cost $38,000000.


Raw salt, 1.1-1.5t    Total price $31

Water 90-150liter    Total price $31

Electricity 20-30kw   Total        $4.6

Fuel {oil} 10kg         Total $7.7

Workers salary, Total $5.3{12 workers, $308/month/worker, 720 working hour/month}

Gross Benefit edible salt per ton 228.4-7.7-5.3= $228.4

Taking 10t/h production line with 22 working hours per day will earn the gross benefit 10/22/228.4=$1,507 440 per month $18,089,280 per year.

We will earn a lot on other refined chemical that will be sold to some industries.

We hope this summary will serve it purpose.

To have standard salt industry investor must have $800,000,000

  • We can manage the industry on your behave
  • We can help set your industry
  • Your money can work for you and profit will be given as schedule and agree time
  • Investor Partnership acceptable


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