KINGSFLY EDU CONSULT is an International Education Recruitment and Employment Agency based in Ghana. Our Company was established in year 2000. Our team offers high quality services to provide the best outcome in the recruitment and admission of personnel into a diverse set of educational sectors.


KINGSFLY EDU CONSULT is a team of experts with many years’ experience in the comprehensive support of companies, institutions and other units in the public and private sector in the area of selection and recruitment of qualified students. We guarantee a full outsourcing service for the entire admission process as well as partial support in admitting and selection of candidates for admission.


It is our mission to support our partners through their current and future business challenges. Our activities, aimed at finding a balance in the labour market serve to give our clients significance, which will support their business development via the growth of employment or improvement in the quality of their human resources.


We understand education as a mission, with the students as the most important element in the process. This is why we created a team that is fully committed to creating just such a vision as the common good. We believe that caring about the development and the good of a student also serves to develop your institution. We understand success as partner’s satisfaction and long-term cooperation.

With our nine strategies for successful enrollment management in today’s higher education environment, options are as follows:



We can sell your admission forms to students through our chandelles, we access students documents and financial capacity with his/her behaviour before introducing them to your school we dispatch all the documents related to the student to the institution to make a final selection. After that the admitting institution confirms and approved.


INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE: We can assist your school to establishing a partnership with universities in USA, CANADA, EUROPE, ASIA & other part of AFRICAN countries.

  • ∙         Providing alternative study pathways/affiliation.
  • ∙         Conducting foreign partner school Professional Development Programs in your institute.
  • ∙         Establish network of strategic partnerships
  •            ∙  Sign articulation agreements with foreign institute.
  • ∙         Create more study opportunities/alternate study pathways for their students by enabling
  •        them to study in the foreign university during the final academic year.
  • ∙         Create opportunities for students to study for a foreign degree, primarily at your institute, by offering an offshore programme.

DUAL CERTIFICATE: Students engage in such programmes at local institute will be paying royal fees to the foreign institute (base on your agreement with foreign institute) this enables them to receive dual certificate at completion of their study.


ONLINE PROGRAMME: We can also help you set up with online programme. We deal with standard universities that offer online program and serve as their regional coordinator while the students will have the privilege to study at home /online and write their exam online or organizing examination centre for them in the comfort of their home countries.



Sign contract agreement for one year on recruiting students for your institute and promoting your institute in Africa countries with a goal of 1,000 students in a year,

Note: This option will be available for only two schools in a year.

 (Our recruitment will cover Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Gambia)


AFRICA EDUCATION FAIR: we can organize educational symposium where we shall introduce your school to more than a number of public and standard private senior high schools in Nigeria and other part of African countries. (This will assist schools to recruit

Huge numbers of students at a spot)

Organizing spot admission seminar for university and college this has been a good platform which helps them with huge numbers of students applying to their schools (spot admission for a school

(it has more benefit than the international educational trade fair) some of the benefit includes:

  • ∙        No competitor
  • ∙        You will be able to talk to the parents and the students without time limit
  • ∙        Promote your institution only through Radio, National newspapers and Television stations.
  • ∙        We will arrange live radio and television interview for your school representative during your visit
  • ∙        We will arrange for your school representative to meetings with more than 600 national private senior high schools founders {proprietors} on recruiting their students to your school every year, during your visit. (Below are the Quotation
  • for spot admission / Educational fair) our education fair is mainly for one school at a time without competitor


We can open special admission office in the name of your school in any of the five countries mentioned above whereby you will have educational counsellor and Professional Education Marketers, the marketers will be going out on your behalf every day for recruitment. Their daily activity reports sheet will be sent to you this helps a lot for interested university and colleges to have huge numbers of students apply to their school every year.


We can link your school with more than 1,500 standard private secondary schools sign MOU with them which will enable us to organize education orientation programme yearly in their schools.

We do share with the private schools from our commission and this motivates them and stimulates them to accept our partnership.

This involve financial support from your university (Because it involve traveling from region to region and to other country) Details will be given base on request.


We can recruit for your school from our offices in countries (Nigeria and Ghana) we are accessing prospective students’ documents and their financial capacity, rendering free educational consultation to candidates before presenting them to your school for admission.

This involves advertising your school on radio, television station, National Newspaper. Details will be given base on request.


We can assist in advertisement of your institutions in Nigeria and other African countries Radio and Television stations, National Newspaper, Facebook, Bill Board and Digital Media.

I trust this brief description about KINGSFLY EDU CONSULT would suffice primarily for a start. Should you be interested towards a partnership? We would be pleased to provide you with all necessary information. Please feel free to contact us for more information.



  1. Prospective books, guide books
  2. Application form
  3. Course details & Fees
  4. Souvenir

QUOTATION FOR RECRUITMENT FROM AFRICAN WILL BE SENT YOU BASE ON REQUEST!!!!! If you are interested in this offer for your institute kindly fill the form


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