African Education Fair and Recruitment KINGSFLY CONCEPT is an international education interchange & recruiting company in Nigeria and Ghana. We partner both with national and foreign colleges and universities, we would therefore like to introduce to you our services. KINGSFLY CONCEPT recruits students from various state and region for study in University and

We can assist your school to establishing a partnership with universities abroad

  •  Providing alternative study pathways/affiliation
  • Conducting their school professional Development programs in your institute
  •  Establish network of strategic partnerships
  •  Sign articulation agreements with institute abroad
  •  Create more study opportunities/alternate study pathways for your students by enabling them to study in the foreign university during the final academic year.
  •  Create opportunities for students to study for a foreign degree, primarily at your
    institute, by offering an offshore program

Online University Frogramme: We deal with standard universities that offer online
program and serve as their regional coordinator while the students will have the privilege to
study at home /online and write there exam online or organizing examination center for them
in their home countries. We also assist in setting up E-learning program for interested

AFRICA EDUCATION FAIR: We assist schools that need huge numbers of students, in three different ways
Firstly we organize educational symposium where we shall introduce your school to more than a number of public and standard private senior schools in Nigeria and other part of Africa countries.

ii. Organizing spot admission seminal for university and college this has been a good platform which helps them with huge numbers of students applying to their schools {spot admission for a school it has more benefit than the international educational trade fair

• No competitor
• You will be able to talk to the parents and the students without time limit
• Promote your institution only through Radio, National newspapers and
Television stations.
• We will arrange live radio and television interview for your school representative
during the week
• We will arrange for your school representative to meetings with more than 600
national private senior high schools founder {proprietors} on recruiting their
students to your school every year, during your visit. (Quotationo foropotoadmissiono/oEducational ofairowillobeoprovidedobaseoonorequest)

Our education fair is mainly for one school at a time without competitor Secondly Our special admission offices in various states help us to recruit huge number of students for your school
Thirdly we accept sign 1 year student recruitment contract with any interested universities
(this include promoting your school in Nigeria and other part of Africa with the target of
student more than 1,000 to 10,000)
We hope that our services will be of help for the uplift of your university

1. Prospective books, guide books
2. Application form
3. Course details & Fees
4. Survinear

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