KINGSFLY CONCEPT is an international education consultant and recruitment agency (employment agency) based in Ghana and Nigeria. Our team offers high quality services to provide the best outcomes in the recruitment and employment of personnel from a diverse set of business sectors.


KINGSFLY CONCEPT is a team of experts with many years experience in the comprehensive support of companies, institutions and other units in the public and private sector in the area of selection and recruitment of qualified personnel. We guarantee a full outsourcing service for the entire recruitment process as well as partial support in recruitment and selection of candidates for employment.


It is our mission to support our partners through their current and future business challenges. Our activities aimed at finding a balance in the labor market serve to give our clients significance, which will support their business development via the growth of employment or improvement in the quality of their human resources.


We understand education as a mission, with the students as the most important element in the process. This is why we created a team that is fully committed to creating just such a vision as the common goal. We believe that caring about the development and the good of a student also serves to develop your institution.


Through executive search, we obtain candidates with high, professional qualifications and experience in a particular industry. Knowledge of our consultants and high standards of ethical business practice carried out under the Executive Search are capable of delivering high efficacy in the recruitment of a wide range of professions, from the highest level executives to a more diverse set of specialist and precise business posts.

  • ADMISSION: We assist our medical students and practitioners in getting their international license, also accessing their ability, medical status, financial capacity and guide them with the registration and admitting them for job after getting their intended country license. We also help with students’ admission into both local and foreign universities.
  • TRAVELS AND TOURS: We help plan tours to various countries and also render visa assistance.
  • RECRUITMENT: Our recruitments are actively done in the following fields: Nursing, Construction, Teaching, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Plumbing, Carpentry, Doctors, Human resources, Labor work, Injector Mechanic, Forklift operator, waiters, Farm labor, Security, Housemaids, Meson man, Cleaners, and many more.


  • Our principles of integrity and client–centric approach are what make us stand tall among others.
  • We focus on enhancing efficiency by providing specialized and standardized services.
  • We understand the needs of our clients first; we study our client’s organization, their products and services, competitive advantage, corporate culture, competitor’s strength, niche expertise, etc.
  • We then offer holistic manpower recruitment and placement solutions by providing out client’s with candidates, refined and short listed through an extensive process of training and testing.

NB: We welcome immigration lawyers for partnership in assisting our clients on migration/work permit and visa assistance. All foreign recruitment agencies are welcome for partnership on manpower (staff/workers) supplies as we deliver in few days according to your specifications.

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